Annual Online Quiz Competition 2020 – Blood Donation

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During these days of Covid 19 and the continuing lockdown, we urge all of you to stay home and be safe.

Terumo Penpol Pvt. Ltd. is the in forefront in promoting voluntary blood donation and we do consistently by educating the public and the student community through constant awareness campaigns and blood donation camps.

Every year in connection with the World Health Day, the CSR dept of Terumo Penpol conducts an online quiz competition for the public and our associates. We believe that this helps in motivating the public to know more about blood donation.

Use the link given below to access the quiz.

Five winners will receive a cash award of Rs. 2000 each. The responses will be scrutinized by the blood transfusion officers of the leading blood banks. The best answers of the lot will be selected rather than “copy pasted” ones.

**No questions are compulsory hence please attend the questions you know and don’t refer and answer.

The quiz will be open to public until the 30th of April.

Wish you all the luck.

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