Terumo Penpol Platelet Incubator and Agitator (PI200/PI400 and PA200/PA300/PA400)

Platelet Agitator / Incubators provides a conducive environment for storage of platelet recommended as per AABB standards.


  • Safe storage of platelet concentrates by continuous agitation and controlled temperature.
  • Uniform agitation ensures no platelet clumping and maximum viability of platelets.
  • The agitation motion monitoring system allowing for improved safety.
  • Different storage capacities (24 /48 and 96 bags).



  • Digital temperature recorder controller unit coupled with a unique air flow system maintains the chamber uniformly at the AABB recommended temperature of 22 +/- 2ºC.
  • Digital sensor placed inside the solution-filled bottle ensures error-free readings and matches the exact temperature inside the bag.
  • Agitation at 65 +/- 7 cycles per minute to avoid platelet clumping and to ensure maximum viability.
  • SS304 grade sliding stainless steel trays.
  • Pause switch provided to arrest agitator motion for 10 seconds, for easy placement and removal of bags.
  • Toughened glass door for safety and better visibility of platelet bags.
  • Magnetic gaskets for doors ensure no air is lost in a ‘door closed’ condition.
  • The internal fan switches off when the door is opened to avoid the loss of cold air.
  • Eyelevel positioning of TRCU for better visibility.
  • Automatic illumination when the door is opened allows for better visibility.
  • The stabilizer protects the incubator from input voltage fluctuations and ensures that the equipment has a long life-cycle

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