Blood Bank Refrigerator- BR series

  • PUF Thickness 80mm
  • Improved hold over time
  • Heavy Duty lockable & swivelable Castor wheels
  • Perforated trays
  • Increased bag capacity
  • Improved Aesthetics



  • Temperature uniformity of 4º +/- 2º C, with a maximum variation of +/- 1º C between trays.
  • Built-in temperature recorder and controller positioned at eyelevel for better visibility and temperature monitoring.
  • 2hours battery backup for TRCU ensures uninterrupted temperature tracking.
  • 80MM thick rigid Polyurethane Insulation ensure better hold over time.
  • Internal fan positioned at 90ºensures uniform temperature inside of the cabinet.
  • Automatic switch-off of the internal fan that prevents the loss of cold air when the cabinet door is open.
  • In-built voltage stabilizer for increased compressor life.
  • Imported door heater avoids moisture contamination in humid atmospheric conditions.
  • Three-pane heated glass door with safety lock and rubber gasket sealing insulates the refrigerator from ambient temperature variation.
  • Separate acrylic sheet act as an inner door which ensures minimal loss of cooling.
  • Corrosion free sliding stainless SS 304 steel trays that allows bags to be placed upright with sufficient airspace to reduce “sardine effect”.
  • Flicker free CF lamp for uniform lighting and better visibility of blood bag samples.
  • Heavy duty lockable & swivelable castor wheels make it convenient to move the equipment in blood bank.
  • CFC free refrigerants with PUF insulation

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