Terumo Sterile Connecting Device(TSCD-II)

Terumo Sterile Connecting Device(TSCD-II) accomplishes quick and safe tubing connections that maintain a functionally closed system. It provides a new level of speed and assurance of quality, regardless of whether wet or dry tubing is to be connected.


  • Sterile welding of PVC tubes based on Terumo’s proprietary wafer technology
  • Suitable for all types of connections, such as dry-dry, wet-dry or wet-wet connections.
  • Sterile welding of bags with shorter tube length.
  • Robust clamp mechanism ensures efficiency and ease of use.
  • Avoidance of cross-contact or contamination because each wafer is discarded after single use
  • Data processing system
  • Mobility: its lightweight, compact size and pop-up handle makes it easy-to-carry
  • Application in component pooling, leukoreduction, aphaeresis and collection set modification, quality control sampling, stem cell processing, cell washing, cell freezing, and component aliquoting.



  • The TSCD-II wafer is heated to approximately 300oC (5720F), a temperature high enough to maintain sterility during cutting and welding without allowing particulates or chemical residues to form in the tubes.
  • The wafer moves up and melts through the pieces of tubing to be connected.
  • The left clamp moves horizontally until the tubes to be connected are aligned.
  • When the wafer is retracted, the right clamp pushes the tubing together.
  • The used wafers are ejected into a built-in disposal box, and wafers are automatically replaced after each use.

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