Sterile Tubing Welder

The SCD IIB creates strong, sterile welds between tubing sets, maintaining a functionally closed system which permits sterile transfers in the open laboratory.


  • A compact and easy-to-use unit for sterile connections
  • Simple three-step operation
  • Strong and biocompatible welds
  • 30 second weld cycle interval


  • Front and rear slots hold the two sections of thermoplastic tubing which are to be connected
  • At the push of a button, a disposable SCD Welding Wafer is heated to 500oF (260oC), and moved to melt through both pieces of tubing.
  • With the wafer still in position, the left front section of tubing moves to align with the right rear section.
  • The wafer is retracted as the two tubes are sterilely welded.

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