Terumo Penpol Cryo Bath (CB 100)

The Terumo Penpol Cryo Bath (CB 100) maximizes the quality and yield of cryoprecipitate.


  • Uniform and optimum thawing
  • Accurate temperature maintenance.
  • Compartmentalized tray to keep the bags upright, thus preventing contamination
  • Easy transportability.



  • A compressor, heater and pumping system ensures temperature maintenance at any set value between 3ºC to 56ºC
  • A high capacity pump facilitates the optimum and uniform thawing of plasma.
  • With a capacity of 12 plasma bags in one cycle, the Cryo Bath is suitable for large blood banks.
  • A microprocessor-based controller allows for the precise monitoring and control of temperature at 4ºC.
  • A tray with individual compartments ensures that the ports of bags are kept above water level during the procedure, thus preventing contamination.
  • Easy to transport: mounted on four castor wheels

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