Terumo Penpol Terufusion Blood Transfusion Set

Terufusion Blood Transfusion set ensures vein to vein safety.

  • Vein to vein sterility
  • Smooth and effortless vein puncture.
  • Easy spiking into the transfusion port.
  • Smooth filtration and easy flow.
  • Guaranteed removal of cellular debris and clots
  • Sterility assurance level (SAL) 10-6



The Terumo Penpol® Terufusion® blood transfusion set has:

  • Terumo’s unique 1.5”, 18G hypodermic needle for smooth and effortless vein puncture.
  • Flow regulator with a good grip roller clamp which guarantees exact flow.
  • Spike with length of 54.2 mm which helps easy spiking into the transfusion port.
  • Big double chamber of 140 mm size of polypropylene material which ensures smooth filtration and easy flow.
  • 170 - 210 microns filter that guarantees removal of cellular debris and clots.
  • Drip chamber which ensures exact 15 drops/ml.

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