Women at Terumo Penpol

An organization that provides livelihood to more than 1500 people is equally responsible in its social commitments that it caters through its CSR endeavors and its activities focusing on Women Empowerment.

The Story So Far

The organization started rolling in the year 1985 as an experimental venture imbibing a new technology with sufficient support from SCTIMST that demanded a complex combination of business and technological prowess. Being an experimental startup, finding people to work and yet sustain them was not easy. However, in the year 1987, when the production began, the leadership hired a fresh batch of youngsters majorly women to render the operations; and subsequently a mass recruitment in the year 1988-89, not to forget the predominant number of women associates here as well. Being a startup in a much intricate segment, the organization went through major turbulence in the initial days but the associates majorly women worked relentlessly despite the financial crunches and the hardships hanging around it. This helped the organization bypass the crisis and steady the ship. Women had been the bedrock of this organization, they paved the path by lending their shoulders to lift this organization to international standards.

The Present Scenario

The Leadership team has taken concrete steps to increase the number of women associates in the organization, a committee is being formulated that would look into the various aspects pertaining to women. Consistent maneuvering is being made by the women associates to ensure that gender neutral policy is maintained with a rigid ICC setup with a solid support mechanism. A survey was conducted with questions ranging from safety to facilities with an option to voice their opinions. The feedbacks are taken seriously and is posted for future discussions with the leadership team. Terumo Penpol is considered one of the safest places for women to work, the benefits women receive here is the manifestation of that.  


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